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Patrick Grimaud


Serrania Charter  offers reading support for students in general education through an on-campus program called Primary Promise.  During Fall, Winter and Spring all students' reading levels are assessed using a diagnostic called DIBELs (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills).  Those students who need additional support in reading are identified and considered for Primary Promise.  The goal is to work 30 minutes daily with students in small groups of one to four, on a specific skill in order to achieve grade level standards.  The child’s progress is assessed every two weeks and lessons are revised for differentiated and targeted instruction.  This pull-out program cycles for about 9 weeks in Room 1.   After three successful attempts in meeting the goal, students will return to their classroom for the full day, or they will continue on to another cycle where additional reading skills will be addressed. 


You can help support your child’s reading success by having them log in every day for 20-30 minutes on schoology at:   (They may need their QR code or log-in credentials. )  Click on Amplify, then Amplify Reading for lessons targeted for their specific reading skills.  In addition, they can also log on to IXL and NewsELA via schoology for more reading support.   Another free app paid for by Los Angeles Unified School District is Renaissance Learning/ AR where students can access reading books at their individual reading level with attached comprehension questions to track their progress.  


Please feel free to reach out with any questions at:


Patrick Grimaud 

Monica Juganu